2012-06-08, 001, Yogi Bear's. WI

Stayed from 2012-06-08 to 2012-06-14

Yogi Bears Jellystone
Bagley, WI

Yogi Bears Jellystone Pdf

2012-06-10, 003, Gerry and Joey in Pool 2012-06-12, 024, Mississippi Boat Ride

At the Pool

Boat Ride along the Mississippi River

2012-06-13, 001, Effitgy Mounds NM

Effigy Mounds National Monument
Effigy Mounds Pdf

2012-06-14, 004, Pikes Pike Park, IA

Pikes Peak Iowa State Park

Our next stop was the Yogi Bear Jellystone Park in Bagley, Wisconsin, nice park for kids.  The only problem with this park is that it was right across the street from the train tracks, and the trains ran constantly, day and night.  Every time the train went by, the RV shook, we didn’t get much sleep could not wait to leave.  Gerry, Connor and I took a boat ride along the Mississippi River.  Connor had a great time, the captain even let him steer the boat for a while.  Gerry took off to see the ‘Effigy Mounds National Park’ and the ‘Pikes Pike State Park’ in Iowa.