2012-06-19, 002, Pin Oak Campground, MO 2012-06-20, 008, Gateway to the West Arch 2012-06-22, 038, St. Louis Zoo 2012-06-23, 004, Paintball at Campground

Stayed from 2012-06-19 to 2012-07-18

The St. Louis Arch

The St. Louis Zoo

Paintball at the campground

2012-06-27, 004, U.S. Grant NHS, MO

U.S. Grant National Historical

Pin Oak Creek RV Park
Villa Ridge, MO

Pin Oak Creek RV Park Pdf

2012-06-27, 002, Budwiser Tour, MO 2012-06-28, 062, Blowup a Balloon, MO

The Budwiser Tour
Tour Info Pdf

Grant’s Farm
Farm Info Pdf

2012-07-02, 001, Cardinals Baseball Game

Cardinals Baseball in St Louis

2012-07-09, 039, Museum of Transportation, MO

Museum of Transportation
Museum of Transportation PDF

2012-07-13, 003, NASCAR Speedway, MO

NASCAR Speedway

2012-07-06, 008, Kity Trail, MO

Kity Trail, MO

Pin Oak Creek RV Park in Villa Ridge, Missouri, about an hour from St. Louis, nice park.  Hardly saw Connor, he made some friends and he was always out and about.  They had paintball at the camp ground so the boys played one weekend with friends of Connor’s.  Took the boys into St. Louis and went to the Arch, Gateway to the West, they really enjoyed going to the top and seeing the view from so high up.  Spent another day at the St. Louis Zoo, it was so hot, but well worth it.  While in St. Louis, we also took a tour of the Budweiser brewery, at the end of the tour, adults got free beer samples and the kids got all the soda they could drink.  Went to Grant’s farm, kids got to feed the animals and we took in a show or two, even seen the Clydesdale horses.  We also explored Ulysses S. Grant’s farm called White Haven.  One night I took the kids to Busch Stadium to see the baseball team St. Louis Cardinals play and they won, had a great time.  Gerry, Connor and I went to the transportation museum which had a lot of old trains.  Took the kids to NASCAR Speedway Amusement Park, the kids wore themselves out.  Connor really enjoyed the rock climbing; Mikey spent his time driving race cars.