2012-08-27, 005, Red Trail Camp, ND

Stayed from 2012-08-27 to 2012-08-30

Red Trail Campground
Medora, ND
Red Trail Campground Pdf

2012-08-27, 006, Painted Canyon, ND 2012-08-28, 044, Theodore Roosevelt NP

Painted Canyon, ND

Theodore Roosevelt, South, NP
Theodore Roosevelt NP Pdf

2012-08-29, 019, Theodore Roosevelt NP 2012-08-28, 017, Medora Musical, ND

Theodore Roosevelt, North, NP
Theodore Roosevelt NP Pdf

Medora Musical, Stage, ND
Medora Musical Pdf

Red Tail Campground in Medora, North Dakota, very simple campground in a tourist town.  Gerry hiked the Painted Canyon trail and we explored the ‘Theodore Roosevelt National Park’, both the south and north sections.  One evening we went to see the Medora Musical, which is a western musical which is held outdoors at night, good show.  We ate out one night and I had a buffalo burger, didn’t taste much different from a regular beef burger.