2012-08-13, 001, Elk Creek Resort, SD 2012-08-16, 014, Mount Rushmore 2012-08-16, 006, Crazy Horse, SD 2012-08-15, 002, Deadwood, SD

Stayed from 2012-08-13 to 2012-08-26

Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore Pdf

Crazy Horse
Crazy Horse Pdf

Deadwood - Leed
The History od Deadwood Pdf
Wild Bill Pdf  -  Calamity Jane Pdf

2012-08-17, 004, Fort Meade, SD 2012-08-18, 045, SD Air & Space Museum 2012-08-19, 013, Custer State Park 2012-08-21, 008, Wind Cave NP, SD

Fort Meade
Fort Meade Pdf

Air & Space Museum
Air & Space Museum Pdf

Custer State Park
Custer State Park Pdf

Wind Cave National Park
Wind Cave NP Pdf

Elk Creek Resort RV Park
Piedmont, SD
Elk Creek Resort RV Park Pdf

2012-08-21, 028, Mammoth Site, SD

Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, SD
Mammoth Site Pdf

2012-08-23, 001, Jewel Cave NM, SD

Jewel Cave National Monument
Jewel Cave Pdf

2012-08-25, 028, Deadwood, SD

Deadwood Kool Nights

Next stop Elk Creek Resort Park in Piedmont, South Dakota, a simple campground was a fairly nice pool, not too far from Sturgis and Deadwood.  While we were there, we made a stop in Rapid City to get our South Dakota driver’s licenses, just an eye test.  We did stop at the facility who forwards our mail, just curious as to what our dress look like.  We went back to Mount Rushmore again with more time to explore the museum and the artist facilities.  Made a stop at the Crazy Horse Monument too, and after all these years it is far from done, we assume as long as they keep collecting money I’ll never get finished.  We also went to Deadwood to explore this old west town, went back with the couple next to us as they were having something called Deadwood Nights.  There where all the old cars on display and musicians, street, had a good time.  We explored Custer State Park and its wild life.  Gerry did the ‘Air and Space Museum’, ‘Fort Meade’, ‘Wind Cave National Park’ and cave tour on his own.  We took a ride to the ‘Mammoth Site’ in Hot Springs, South Dakota, an archeological site of the early mammoths.  Then off we went to ‘Jewel Cave National Park’ and took a tour of the caverns together.