2012-08-31, 001, Grandview Camp, MT

Stayed from 2012-08-31 to 2012-09-06

Grandview Campground
Grandview Campground Pdf

2012-09-02, 001, Pompets Pillar, MT

Pompets Pillar NM, MT
Pompets Pillar Pdf

2012-09-03, 001, Little Bighorn Battlefield, MT

Little Bighorn Battlefield
Little Bighorn Battlefield Pdf

Grandview Camp & RV Park in Hardin, Montana, a park in the middle of town, but surprisingly quite quiet at night and convenient.  Gerry went to ‘Pompeys Pillar National Monument’ where Captain William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition scribed his name in the rock.  Together we went to explore the ‘Little Big Horn National Monument Battlefield’, which was Custer’s last stand.