2011-11-03, 007, Skidaway Island Park, GA

Stayed from 2011-11-03 to 2011-11-09

2011-11-05, 016, Along Tail, Skidaway Island Park, GA

Pictures from along the Trails
Map of the park Trails

2011-11-07, 035, Old Town Savannah, GA

Pictures from “Old Town Savannah”
Map of “Old Town Savannah”

Skidaway Island,
Savannah, GA

Skidaway Island.pdf

Next stop ‘Skidaway Island State Park’, near Savannah, Georgia.  Quite a nice park really large sites that were convenient pull-throughs, the only utilities are electric and water but really worth the time.

Went into Old Town Savannah and took one of the Trolley Tours, beautiful old houses and massive oak trees, etc.  Jumped off the trolley and wandered on our own for a few hours the areas parks and side streets, really quite interesting.  Another day we took a ride out to Tybee Island and toured the old restored Fort Pulaski national Park, rangers put on a unique show.  Then on to the islands shore line and lighthouse, tried a seafood local restaurant while we were there.  We also spent a few days hiking and bicycling among the various trails within the park itself.

2011-11-08, 040, Fort Pulaski, GA

Pictures from the Cockspur & Tybee Islands
Overview of “Fort Pulaski”