2011-09-01, 003, Circle CG Campground, MA

Stayed from 2011-09-01 to 2011-09-14

2011-09-11, 097, USS Constitution, Freedom Trail, Boston, MA

2011-09-11 Freedom Trail Boston, MA

2011-09-06, 027, The Whaling Museum, New Bedford, MA

2011-09-06 New Bedford, MA

2011-09-12, 037, The Green Monster, Fenway Park Boston, MA

2011-09-12 Fenway Park Boston, MA

2011-09-09, 045, Along the Cliff Walk, Newport, RI

2011-09-09 Newport, RI

2011-09-12, 007, Samuel Adams Boston, MA

2011-09-12 Samuel Adams Boston, MA

2011-09-10, 004, The Beach, Barrington, RI

2011-09-10 Barrington, RI

2011-09-13, 020, Highland Lighthouse, Cape Code, MA

2011-09-13 Cape Cod, MA

Circle CG Farm
Bellingham, MA

Circle CG Farm Campground.pdf

Our first official day of retirement, September 1, 2011, our journey begins.  With us getting ready to leave New Jersey with some last minute assembly of the motorcycle carrier.  We finally hit the road around two in the afternoon.  Our first stop will be Circle G Campground in Bellingham, Ma, about an hour from Boston.  Would have been an easy trip if we didn't get lost, took a few wrong turns wound up backtracking a bit but still got their little after dark.  We’d be staying here for two weeks from September 1st through the 14th.  Nice campground; landed in a nice corner lot with plenty open room.  Good TV reception and nice solid Internet, with a pool and a few other amenities.

Once we were settled in, it was time to start planning on what we were going to do.  One of our first stops was in New Bedford, Ma, which was once a famous whaling town and also the origin of the book Moby Dick.  Took a tour of the ‘Whaling Museum’ and the ‘Mariner’s Home’ learned the history of the area.  Next we were off to Newport, R.I.  Here we just wandered through the old town and up along the outer coastline, beautiful homes that adorn the jagged coastline of Rhode Island.  Another trip to Rhode Island we visited Gerry’s aunt and uncle.  We spent the entire day with them.  It was great seeing them again.  Then off into Boston a few times, just hop the rails to a downtown stop, so much to see and do.  We walked the Freedom Trail, its lot of walking; but well worth it, there’s so much history there.  While in Boston, we went to Fenway Park (home of the Boston Red Sox.)  We took the tour of the stadium and even got to sit in ‘the Green Monster seats’.  Also went to the Samuel Adams Brewery.  Gerry’s favorite part was all the free samples they gave out.  One of the last things we did before leaving Massachusetts was take a trip to Cape Cod.  Been there before, but had to go back, just beautiful.