2011-10-20, 006, Lakeview RV Park, TN

Stayed from 2011-10-20 to 2011-10-26

2011-10-23, 009, Doe River Covered Bridge, Elizabethton, TN

2011-10-23 Doe River Covered Bridge
and along Rte 321

2011-10-24, 027, Davy Crockett Birth Place, TN

2011-10-24 Bristol, home of Country Music
and Davy Crockett’s Birth Place

Lakeview RV Park
Bristol, TN

Lakeview RV Park.pdf

Next stop was ‘Lakeview RV Park’ in Bristol, TN.  Not a bad campground, reasonable being a passport campground, had good TV reception and Internet. It's now kind of late in the season for the pool it was closed etc.

Not a lot to do there, just drove around exploring the area, saw our share of covered bridges.  One day we went off to see Davey Crockett’s birth place, and his father's homestead.  We also spent the day at Bristol on the border of Tennessee and Virginia, which is the home of country music.  Unfortunately this town was past its prime and lost in the present economy.  What was interesting was a trip to the Natural History Museum Gray Fossil site; they even diverted a major highway around the fossil field.  We kind of lucked out, at this time a year; we had a private tour of the Bristol Underground Caverns, really nice and one-on-one experience with a tour guide.

2011-10-25, 004, Natural History Museum, Gray Fossil Site, TN

2011-10-25 Natural History Museum, Gray Fossil Site,
and Bristol Caverns